Being an artist is an endless soul searching quest.
I create out of need and joy which reflects in my work. I lose myself from all mundane feelings and then I find myself in a whole new inner world of symbols, figures, forms, color and expression of my ultimate art intimacy.
To be self-taught is an advantage rather than a hindrance. If there is a rule in formal training, it can be broken and taken to another level. All art communicates in my opinion, even if it’s simply to capture the beauty of the moment. My art speaks in different languages to those who are open to receive their own personal message.
I often think about the value of art in our culture. We tend to value things that are rare and have a style and personality of their own. As an artist, I am conscious of why I create art the way I do. I am looking for a meaningful way to represent not only the world I live in, but also, the way I perceive my own inner soul. The art becomes not just about the artist, but also about the viewer.

Cesar Garcia